Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a bus pass but we have changed address, do I need to do anything?
Yes, you must hand the current bus pass in to the driver and apply for another pass even if you have moved next door or to the next street.

We have an exchange student staying with us are they eligible for a bus pass?
No, they are not eligible for a bus pass as they are not Australian residents.

Is it possible to buy a monthly or yearly bus ticket?
No, but a ten trip ticket can be purchased from the bus driver; these tickets do not expire until all the available journeys are used up.

My child left their school bag on the school bus, how can we claim the bag back?
Loves Bus Service Qld has a system whereby any lost property if found by the driver, or handed in, is held in our lost property room. The property may be signed for and collected from our depot in Cairns.

Do I need to apply for a new bus pass every year?
No not unless you have changed address or your child is attending a different school. Also you will need to reapply if your child is finishing year six and commencing year seven.

How do I find out which bus my child should catch from where we live to attend school?
Readily available on the website is all the information, simply enter your current address and the school your child will be attending and both the morning and afternoon runs you are seeking can be accessed.